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Welcome to JANBA 2023!  


For those of you who are new to JANBA (Japanese American National Bowling Association), the tournament is a week-long tournament, but you can enter events for only 1 day or as many as all 5 days. It's up to you!


The tournament runs yearly in a different city in the first FULL week of March.  This year, Denver plays host to this event.  The ragtime doubles event kicks off the tournament on Sunday night.


The tournament is scratch, but you are scheduled and will be bowling against and with bowlers in your same average group. The idea is to win or cash in your division, and if you win that and you are high overall, you can win the main board which consists of all divisions, which would be quite an honor!!


You don't ask for squad times you will be assigned a squad time based on your average (or the team's average in non-singles events). You will receive a schedule a number of weeks prior to the tournament, just make sure you save the whole day in case you aren't sure what time you will bowl. Just be flexible and plan to get there the day before the event. Since the main events are team, singles, and doubles, you can bowl those on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


Saturday night is the Awards banquet.  

Check out the Schedule of Events!

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